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We, at JB Insulation, feel that we not only have some of the best expandable foam on the market, but we also have the most affordable foam available today.

We pride ourselves in our workmanship. We feel that we are in the people business, not the insulation business. If we can make our clients happy and save them money by using our insulation, we know we will be taken care of.

We will continue to help educate the public on energy efficiency and strive to increase our commitment to our clients and workmanship. We offer both open cell and closed cell foams. Learn more about our services.

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The Myth of Insulation Values - One of the fairy tales of our time is the "R-value." The "R-value" is touted to the American consumer to the point where it has taken a "chiseled in stone" status. The saddest part of the fairy tale is the R-value by itself is almost a worthless number. It is impossible to define insulation with a single number. It is imperative we know more than a single "R" number. So why do we allow the R-value fairy tale to be perpetuated? Learn more ...

Foam vs Fiberglass Insulation

The filter medium for most furnace filters is fiberglass -- the same spun fiberglass used as insulation. Fiberglass is used for an air filter because it has less impedance to the air flow, and it is cheap. In other words, the air flows through it very readily. It is ironic how we wrap our house in a furnace filter that will strain the bugs out of the wind as it blows through the house. Read more ...